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Graph Editing and Drawing Tool

01-22-2005 - Posted version 0.1.

GraphApp provides a GUI for editing graphs, along with a framework for generating and drawing graphs.

(written in Java)

This initial version is pretty basic. It needs some usability enhancements, new features, performance work, and a better launcher applet. Closing the application kills my web browser (Firefox on WinXP).

Why I created GraphApp

I created GraphApp for two main reasons. First, I wanted to brush up on my Java skills and try out the Eclipse IDE. Second, and more importantly, I wanted a platform on which I could implement graph drawing algorithms.

GraphApp 0.1

  • Try GraphApp 0.1 now, the Applet launch page is here. Warning: this may cause your browser to exit when you're done.
  • JavaDoc code documentation is here.
  • The top-level (Eclipse IDE) project directory with source code is here.

Questions? Contact Aaron.

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