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Fabbri Systems specializes in high performance, fault tolerant, and scalable distributed systems. The services we provide include:

OS and Kernel Software Engineering

We can help with your FreeBSD and Linux kernel development projects. We have specific expertise with device drivers, performance tuning, filesystems, and network stack/protocol implementation.

Enterprise IT Systems Architecture

Need an expert to design your next-generation IT infrastructure? We leverage open-source and commercial products to design scalable, maintainable, cost-effective IT solutions which pay for themselves. Whether you're starting from scratch or moving forward with existing systems, we can help you do things The Right Way.

Systems Development Staff Training

Starting a new IT or software development project based on an unfamiliar technology can eat up a lot of time and money in the initial research phase. Even worse, flawed initial implementations can require rewrites or cause problems in the field. Hiring an expert to work with your staff for a couple of hours a week can significantly improve the efficiency of your development project. We can give presentations which will get your team quickly up to speed, and provide ongoing leadership to make sure you do things The Right Way.

Crunch Time Consulting

Fabbri Systems provides on-demand expertise which can be allocated to avoid development schedule crises. Contact us before your deadline and we can help your project succeed.

You Get What You Pay For

We can base our fees on a checklist of deliverable items to ensure a return on your investment. We also have flat hourly rates available.

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