Aaron Fabbri and Jocelyn Naple are Married!

August 31, 2005

My friend and photographer Collin Andrew has posted a couple of pictures from the wedding here. We're posting more pictures here as we get them.

May 15, 2005

Ceremony and Reception Plans Updated

See the Main Event page for updated details on the ceremony and reception.

Cabin Reservations Due

We put down some deposits on March 10th. Details on the lodging page.

Save The Date!

August 27, 2005

See the official Save the Date flyer. There's also a nice printable version (requires Acrobat Reader)


Read the story of when Aaron proposed to Jocelyn.

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By Aaron from Seattle on 2004-11-13 16:58:00.

Can't wait until August next year. It's going to be a fun party!

By Sammy from Seattle on 2004-11-13 17:17:43.

Meeeow. Me, meow.

By aaron from new york on 2004-12-11 18:10:19.

Hi from new york city!

By mamalinda from amsterdam on 2004-12-14 08:59:33.

miss you guys even sammy!!!!!!!!!!

By Emma from Eugene on 2005-02-06 18:13:08.

Scuttlebutt and casbah cruisin' down the road Aaron and the Juice singin' go dog go HOT DOG!

By Farty MGee from Fartstown USA on 2005-08-18 17:52:07.

I Love Farts!!!!!!

By I_See_Teeth from Cleveland on 2005-08-24 15:21:11.

Nice teeth!!

By Sarah from Eugene on 2005-08-24 15:22:40.

Congrats, guys! Now hurry up and make my kids some cousins, dangit!

By Geneva from New Mexico on 2005-09-12 11:50:11.

awesome wedding pics..oh my gosh'' i was speechless and felt a tear. beautiful thank you for sharing your pics.. stop at New Mexico say hi.. love u guys..

By Mammadiane from Eugene, OR on 2005-11-15 21:42:44.

Hey! hows about some current blogging from Firenza?! Love you two....Mrreeeoooowwww myaaa mrrrr, says Sammy!

By Anton from united states on 2006-03-31 22:08:15.

I want mp3 player. What will advise?

By Dmitry from united states on 2006-04-05 01:41:04.

Hi To write the letter, it is necessary ...

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